Start a podcast now

Published on January 08, 2020 • 1 minute to read

Alexis (@duranmla) and I decided to make a podcast, honestly, I have been thinking about doing it for a while and I started in the past, 2-5 years ago one with different friends, but I never found the right niche to be consistent at doing it and actually enjoy doing it.

So why I’m telling you to start doing a podcast? — Well, the short answer is because it gives you a new medium to express yourself and be out there for others to gather knowledge from you.

But the more hefty and really the one that describes the reasons on why I love doing a podcast, because it makes you learn about yourself and others. I didn’t know how to use programs like GarageBand to make the sound that came out of our mouths be in sync, I had to learn it from scratch, which made me learn about how to use audio gear and what kind of gear is the right gear, I was a beginner in a topic I never knew I could get interested at.

Beyond the gear and the things I had to learn, it was the experience of talking with like-minded individuals, in this case with Alexis, about the topics we felt passionate and exploring why we dig these topics, made me realize one thing. I have been looking them just from the surface, never really scratching it to see what’s beyond them.

And that… Well, that opened a whole new world for me. So start a podcast, become a beginner on the topic you want to discuss and start going deeper, you might learn more than one thing about yourself too.