I believe designers are the next developers

Published on August 13, 2020 • 1 minute to read

I discussed this topic at my podcast a couple episodes ago, but if you don’t speak Spanish, let me give you my condensed thoughts here.

Designers have 1 clear advantage over developers, most of them understand how the customer acts and behaves. Why is this a big advantage you might ask? In a world where the tools start to become easier and easier to use, it doesn’t matter how you write your code that much, (yes, performance still matters and there are nuances to writing code, but I’m not going over complex code bases, that’s another topic.)

For most new endeavors or MVPs, a designer is now able to create a basic functional prototype and even connect it to a database like service like Firebase and start showing to the end customer how the app will behave and the customer can interact over a real application.

Most tools that designers use over the web, like Figma and Framer, have code export tools and can even create components automagically based on the designers canvas. That my dev friends is a big advantage.