2020 - Review of the year

Published on December 31, 2020 • 2 minutes to read

In our last episode of the podcast @alexis and I discussed with a framework he sent me a bunch of different things regarding 2020, we can basically call it a “review of the year” from our perspective and what we think we did and need to improve on 2021.

This is a resumed version of that conversation and also translated into English. Happy new year! 🥳 And thanks for reading.

What went wrong this year?

What went right this year?

What did I learn this year?

This year I learned that even though I considered myself someone that was really busy between work and learning, I could give myself enough time to use my knowledge and figure out solutions that solve small issues in my life.

Sometimes I do wish that I gave myself more time to do the non-technical things that are my main focus in life and use that time to explore myself as an individual, but I haven’t been great at doing that, which is something I expect to do more soon.

Where did my time go? Did I allocate it correctly?

I spent most time between work, exercising, and my personal projects with a focus on offering an interesting life to my dog too, since COVID-19 took some of that interesting part from him.

What are my current problems and challenges? What am I trying to solve?

I have been thinking about my “individual/myself” aspects of life and how I wish to focus more on me, something that I haven’t done in many years. I’m trying to understand more who am I as a person and less what person I want to be.

How should I invest in myself next year?

I’m going to try to live a simpler life with fewer worries, I believe that I should invest time first into getting better at communicating to the people that are close to me when I want to be alone and when I want to share things up.

I will also give myself the time to get to know the people that have been trying to get to know me more over the years and haven’t let out of fear of me being so open and exposing myself to emotions I felt could leave me without the peace I currently enjoy.

I will take more risks and step out again from my currently comfortable position.

What is the one thing that I can do that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?

Invest the time to give me the emotional independence I need, instead of investing the time on being financially independent.