Learnings from the cult of done manifesto

Published on April 29, 2021 • 2 minutes to read

Digging through my notes I found an article that spoke about the cult of done manifesto that I have saved a while ago and thought at that time it was an interesting way of looking at how you make and do things.

I connected with all these ideas and felt like it really represented my way of viewing how I wanted to approach growth in general. I’m someone that really dislikes procrastinating, but that also have a hard time at relaxing and just slowing down the pace, so banishing procrastination, in general, was a very interesting moto for me, I started with following the simple rule of “If you haven’t done anything about it, abandon it and move on to the next thing”.

That mentality has worked great to deliver different side projects lately, to grow my knowledge by reading, doing, and exploring different areas inside my job and outside of my job knowledge.

But… There’s always one right? It also came with the downside of not only looking to increase my productivity levels at unhealthy rates. Which I now can acknowledge. This is important not only because it’s health-related, but also because this is something this manifesto actually tackled, and that’s the “destruction is a variant of done” article, don’t take it literally of course, but what this actually represents is that you can throw out everything you knew and were doing to hit a fresh start and continue doing but doing it so better.

Revisiting this article on this podcast episode with Alexis opened some gates for doing a small retro on how I have been doing with my life mottos and I hope it also does the same for you if you listen to it.

Now, from my reflections, these are the actions I’m going to take: