TDD is the way

Published on May 21, 2021 • 2 minutes to read

I was giving some thought about my #programming approach using Test Driven Development lately and how much am I imparting the knowledge with my teammates of my experiences with it.

I must admit that I love the process and I’m not going to explain here what TDD is, there are many articles about it. I’m focusing this journal entry on one thing, the fact that it can be detrimental if you overuse it or use the process on the wrong things.

Where does it make sense?

And when it doesn’t?

My final thoughts

I will be sharing more TDD with my teammates because I believe in it and I believe it will be helpful for them to shift the way we think at certain moments, and because I’m in the project for the long run. My suggestion for you is to understand how you use your time, and treat it as a resource, the most important resource out there, and experiment with how much time doing the things in a TDD way can help you spend your resources better.