7 Gorgs hike

Published on October 18, 2021 • 4 minutes to read

During this fall and after some health issues that I finally resolved, I wanted to explore nature more, after a bit of reading and hearing some recommendations I decided to visit this route.

In Girona we find this beautiful route of the Torrent de la Cabana which descends through the mountains and forms 7 small falls called Gorgs. This is a hike that most people would recommend doing during the summer, but let me tell you why it was great to do during this time of the year too.

The route

It’s an easy hike, not too many ups and downs during the route, and you don’t have to have a great physical condition to complete it. I saw families with kids between 1-7 years old which means it’s a quite accessible route to do.

Between Spring, Summer and Fall the access to the hike will cost you 💶 €5 per person.

Important things to note:

Map and coordinates

Getting there

I left my car at the parking, it seems during the summer you have to pay €10 for it, but at fall there was no one at the office, and it seemed rather closed, I didn’t see anyone paid at any point for it.

Map of 7 Gorgs route and parking spot

To get to the parking, you need to cross Campdevànol, torwards Gombren and after ~3 km you’ll find towards your left the parking Camping Pirinenc, you’ll see an entrance with a barrier.

There’s also a barbecue zone with plenty of spots and tables. The area was quite empty when I got there, but it was packed after I did my hike, but more on that below.

Barbecue spots and grilling area

My experience

The path has plenty of signs describing were to go to so getting around is quite easy, you just need to follow the yellow stripes to move forward and not go towards the yellow crosses. When you are ready to leave the hike, just follow the red stripes.

The first Gorg is Gorg de la Cabana, since it’s the first one on the path, you might find more people on this one than on any, difficulting to descend and ascend of it, this one is a little steep which is rather difficult if it rained or its muddy. It’s also not that impressive, so I would honestly recommend seeing it from the high ground and skip to descend.

Gorg de la Cabana

Moving towards the circuit, you’ll find Gorg de la Tosca, this one I liked for the looks a lot, and it’s also one that I can see people will get in during the summer, I went during fall, so I barely touched the water and my finger was numb for a minute.

Gorg de la Tosca

Then Gorg de l’Olla, which is probably the smallest one but forms a large pool like area around the premises.

Gorg de l'Olla

Gorg de la Bauma is another one with a big inclination towards to get in, if you choose the right side of the river, you will be able to see it from the high grounds, I was also rather hungry at this point so I took the opportunity to have a quick meal at the river bed while hearing the waterfall near me.

Gorg de la Bauma

Gorg del Forat is extremely inviting to have a swim in it, if you want to stay for a while on the water, this is the one I would recommend trying.

Gorg del Forat

Gorg de Colomer The final waterfall during the hike and where you can find the bar I spoke of, there’s a large area where you can have a picnic or just rest.

Gorg de Colomer

Both sides of the river have entrances to all Gorgs, so you can turn around at this point through the other side of the river to go back to the parking spot.

All the photos were taken with the iPhone 13 Pro Max