A new beginning

Published on September 14, 2022 • Less than 1 minute to read

I’m pulling the plug of being comfortable with the apartment, the city, the state, the country I live in, and everyone within a 20km radius from me.

How? I’m moving to another country, a smaller one that’s not that far, and not too many people even know exists, to begin with.

Why? Because I want something different, I want to live in the mountains and in a country that treats me well, and that sentence might sound interesting to you, so let’s break down what that means for me.

  1. A winter with a ton of snow forces me to learn how to ski.
  2. More hikes for my dog and me, nature for both of us, and a better quality of life.
  3. Taxes… A country that gives you a lot of benefits through the income you bring into the country and, does not burden you because you might be doing well or better than the average.

This is the beginning of it, the story of me moving to Andorra.