My main focus right now is with Cameo, but on 2020 I decided I wanted to give myself a taste of what the indie developer life looks like, well at least a bit of it.

So I made the decision to dedicate my spare time to the projects & ideas that could make my life in a way easier.

Here are some of the other projects I've worked on in the past — some still actively maintained, and others on pause for now.

Chomp treats

Chomp makes it easy for raw feeders worldwide to track their loved ones' food intake. Available to download on the AppStore and Play Store.

I created this app with the help and designs of @schulertime, our main focus was to provide a way for pet owners to track the happiness of their pets, and the best way for it in our opinion is to understand how many treats as a pet owner you give them.

Visit the site →

No es sólo código

A podcast to talk about the state of the tech industry based on the experiences that @duranmla and I have working for two (2) totally different companies, our main purpose is to teach developers how to be more proactive and focused at their jobs.

We started recording on January 2020 as part of our shared goals and we have been loving the insights we have discovered of ourselves through the process.

You can listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Overcast, among others.