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My investing journey

I started to talk about a way to start investing onwhat I learned from peer to peer investing, but I didn’t explain what made me say “I n...

June 15, 2021 ⎥ Read now →

Slow TV, narratives as a way of living

I found this week during my podcast listening sessions the concept of slow TV thanksto this episode of Invisibilia, to give you a resume ...

May 31, 2021 ⎥ Read now →

TDD is the way

I was giving some thought about my #programming approach using Test Driven Development lately and how much am Iimparting the knowledge wi...

May 21, 2021 ⎥ Read now →

What I learned of peer to peer investing

It took me a bit to start writing about investing, at least publicly, because it has such a stigma with it, I’m not afinancial advisor no...

May 04, 2021 ⎥ Read now →

Learnings from the cult of done manifesto

Digging through my notes I found an article that spokeabout the cult of done manifesto that I have saved awhile ago and thought at that t...

April 29, 2021 ⎥ Read now →