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Luis Castro

Full Stack developer

I’m an experienced web and app developer living in Andorra — for the past 4 years I have been working with Cameo building a space for creators that allows them to share magical moments with their fans.

I love working in the realm between design and code. Some things that makes me excited are JavaScript frameworks (yeah), CSS, Design Systems, Animation, crafting excellent component APIs and making interfaces feel fun and personal.

Since 2012, I have collaborated with multiple start-ups around the world and contributed to their success by delivering reliable and timely code to expand/improve their product offerings. Companies like Cameo , Freenow , RealScout and Debt Collective .

I’m available for

Full Stack Engineering

I’m open for ongoing front-end consulting, standalone projects, and general engineering. I can independently build accessible websites and prototypes, make accessibility improvements to existing products, or work embedded in a team building the front-end for new features.

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Creative coding

I build good looking, user-friendly, responsive and accessible websites, blogs, and interfaces. I can run the process from start to finish, and develop your MVP or product.

Need an app instead of a website, no worries, I can also develop for Android and iOS using react-native, writing comprehensive and scalable code for your start-up.

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Latest projects


Makes it easy for raw feeders to track their loved ones’ food.



Wallpaper pack for iPhone and iPad.



Local and private way to journal towards your goals.

No es solo código

A podcast that @duramnla and I started on Sep 9, 2019 to talk about our vision of the industry at first which evolved into our way of doing an open weekly retro.


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