I’m a full-stack developer & content creator.

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My perspective changes as a software developer with 10 years of experience

Inspired by a conversation I had with a teammate about my career and how I became a staff engineer, I decided to post aquick read on the ...

September 15, 2021 ⎥ Read now →

Alarm off

For the past 20 days, I have been experimenting with not having my alarm turned on. Honestly, I was a skeptic when Istarted with it, I ha...

September 06, 2021 ⎥ Read now →

My plan for 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic made me reflect on my life, you probably did it too. 2020 was an interesting year and I made some goals for 2021 th...

August 29, 2021 ⎥ Read now →

Refactoring a part of the business

As an engineer, I spend most of my time thinking about the best possible solutions for the problems we encounter, and asmany engineers I ...

August 13, 2021 ⎥ Read now →

My investing journey

I started to talk about a way to start investing onwhat I learned from peer to peer investing, but I didn’t explain what made me say “I n...

June 15, 2021 ⎥ Read now →